Enjoy your baby classes

In just five enjoyable 90 minute sessions, this course can help mums to make positive changes in their lives and start to enjoy new parenthood.

With the help of a little book and supportive guidance at each session, participants learn how to improve their feeling when they feel low, worried and hopeless and will learn skills that help them tackle problems in their lives.

You will also meet other new mums and have a lot of fun!

Five fun, friendly sessions that can change your life

Session 1 – Why do I feel like I do?
How to change things around. You were hoping for a fairy tale, but what you got was poo! You’ll get to understand how to start to feel better when you’re exhausted and stressed out.

Session 2 – Making positive changes
Find out how working on enjoyment, closeness to others and getting stuff done can help you discover a happier and healthier you.

Session 3 – Building closeness
Discover the very best gift you can give your baby. Build closeness through story time and play, and learn to re-balance relationships with other important people around you. Finally some hints and tips on staying calm even when you’re feeling exhausted.

Session 4 – Looking at things differently
Build your confidence and tackle your doubts. Learn to be a detective to discover bad thoughts that worsen how you feel. Learn tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

Session 5 – Planning for the future
Learn how to eat an elephant, and tackle any other life problems. Here’s a chance to make life changing plans that will look towards a bright future for you and your child. And you get a certificate too!