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Having a long-term physical health condition (LTC) can be frustrating or worrying at times. Examples of LTCs include diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), HIV, heart failure, arthritis, chronic pain and epilepsy. It is very common for health conditions to affect how you feel and for your mood to affect your health condition. This can lead to feeling stressed, low, anxious or worried.

Ealing IAPT LTC is here to help you manage your health condition and improve your wellbeing.


Is Ealing IAPT LTC right for me?

Are you living with a long-term physical health condition, feeling worried about your health or in persistent pain? Are you feeling stressed, low or anxious?

Then Ealing IAPT LTC is right for you. We can help you to ‘live well’ with your health conditions and improve your wellbeing through a group (more details below), one to one sessions or online therapy.

How can I access this help?

Contact us on 020 3313 5660 to request an assessment with one of our team to support you in getting the right help for you.


Living well with Diabetes course contents
The “Living well with Diabetes” group is an 8 week structured programme focusing on managing anxiety and low mood for people that have diabetes as follows:
Session 1         -Understanding diabetes
Session 2         – Understanding Cognitive Behavioural therapy for diabetes
Session 3         – Dealing with diabetes diagnosis
Session 4         – Diabetes and depression low mood and burnout
Session 5         – Managing stress and anxiety for diabetes
Session 6         – Managing food weight and emotions
Session 7         – Managing yourself and your diabetes
Session 8         – The future.


Heart to Heart course

The Heart to Heart group is an 8 week structured programme focusing on managing anxiety and low mood for people that have a heart condition  as follows:

Week 1: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural therapy, setting goals
Week 2: Stress management (flight and fight response, ways to reduce stress), Relaxation
Week 3: Stress management (problem solving, worry management), Relaxation
Week 4: Activating your life (boom & bust, pacing), Relaxation
Week 5: Thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms, Relaxation

Week 6: Managing thoughts and feelings, Relaxation
Week 7: Mindfulness, Compassion and dealing with self criticism, improving sleep, relaxation
Week 8: Review, developing a personal action plan